Welcome! I am excited to work with you and/or your child in learning music. Here are some details on the studio for your reference. My goal is to help each student develop a love of music, discipline to overcome challenges, and a greater appreciation for beauty.


Students pay a monthly fee to participate in the studio. The fee covers the cost of private lessons, recital venues, master classes, and lesson prep. Payment is due monthly by the first lesson of the month. It is preferable by:

    • Venmo or Google Pay (free apps)
    • Check

Contact me for current studio prices. I offer a discount for multiple family members. 

24-hour cancelation notice by phone or email is required for any lesson to qualify for a make-up lesson. I must adhere to this strictly. Lessons canceled within 24 hours will not be refunded. If your child is sick, please notify me as soon as possible. No-shows do not qualify for a make-up lesson. Make-up for “make-up lessons” will not be given even with prior notice. 

Please understand that you are not just paying for lessons given, but for reserving a time slot.


    • Practice journal (any notebook) to bring to every lesson and use throughout the week
    • Music books (scales, etudes, theory, repertoire, staff paper)
    • Shoulder rest
    • Rosin
    • Soft cloth for cleaning violin and strings
    • Strings (should be replaced at least once a year)

See the resources page for suggestions of places to buy materials.


We will learn in a variety of categories, including:

    • Technique
    • Ear training
    • Rhythm
    • Musicianship
    • Theory
    • Music history

Several times a year, each student will choose a topic for a project to complete and present.

We will have periodic exams to demonstrate the student’s skills. The technique portion takes place in a lesson, the performance in a recital. I will record these exams for the student, parents, and me to see their progress over time.


We will have recitals three times a year—usually winter and spring at the end of each semester and at the end of summer. Recitals are important opportunities to share what we are learning and develop performing skills, and I expect each student to perform in them. When we prepare for them, I will discuss piano accompaniment and other needs with you individually.

Practicing and Parent Expectations

Playing violin is not easy; it takes dedication, diligence, and commitment. I expect my students to be responsible for their own learning; I will act as a guide. When consistent practicing happens at home, lessons are more enjoyable for student and teacher.

This is a time commitment for both the student and the parent, and improvement only comes with consistent practice. I will give individual practicing assignments and guidelines for each student. Parents of elementary age students should stay for their lessons and take notes so they can help throughout the week in practice time. Your support and encouragement are essential for your child’s progress!


I will regularly send out evaluations to get student and parent feedback.

Contact me with your questions.

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